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Precure fanseries, 12 Cures fight the evil of from a dark demension called Obvlivion made of anti-life, hell bent on wiping out all life in all dimensions until nothing is left. The Anti-elements sent by the ruler of Oblivion have been sent to Earth to find the 4 fairies of the elements and stop them from awakening their cures, and if all else fails find ways to turn the precure against each other in hopes of wiping them out.

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We have purposely written our story without naming a location, unless it is a generic location such as a school, a gym, a market square ect.... You may ask why? The answer is simple, by not saying for example Tokyo, Japan our story can be set in your own home town if you use your imagination well. We understand it is not an orthodox style of writing, but we feel it's more fun for you as the reader as you can play with some of the aspects of the story.


Writer - Cure Neptune aka Craig P. Arnott

Editor - Ms Saturn83 aka Fiona J. Tabb

Character Designs - Cure Neptune aka Craig Arnott and Kheetor84 aka Heather L. Haskett

Illustrations - Kheetor84 aka Heather L. Haskett


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